Why K-12 Schools Produce High Achievers

We all have to negotiate our formal education, which for most, begins with a couple of years in kindergarten, which is then followed by primary, middle and higher education, or 12 years of formal academic education. While there are many schools that only accept kindergarten grades and others that remain primary schools, it is the K-12 schools that offer the best chance of success for students, and the reasons for this are many.

Developing Relationships

When a child spends a couple of years in an early learning program, they naturally form relationships with peers and teachers, and if the child then has to move to a primary school, this means having to form new relationships, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it can have a negative impact on the child’s academic education. Enrolling your child in a K-12 school means they will remain at the same school for the entirety of their formal education, which gives them a stable environment where they can develop strong relationships over the years.

No Curriculum Deviation

When a child enrolls in the first level of a K-12 school, they will work with a single curriculum throughout their formal education, with no deviation, unlike a child that relocates several times and has to adapt to a different curricula. This can have a very negative effect on the child’s learning, especially if the different curricula are dissimilar in nature, as is often the case when switching schools, and this is a very good reason to source a K-12 school at the earliest opportunity. If, for example, you are an expat family and are looking for an international middle school in Bangkok, a Google search will help you locate a school where your child can learn until they are ready for university.

US or UK Curriculum

The best forms of formal education are without doubt the British and the American curriculum, and you should choose one and stick to that throughout the 12 years of formal education. Many parents prefer the US curriculum as it is more modern and appropriate for the digital age we are living in, and there are schools all over the world that follow the US curriculum, which makes it easy for a child to follow the same course structure, wherever they might reside.

If you are looking for a school for your young son or daughter, choosing a K-12 school will eliminate the need to change schools and this is most certainly a benefit for any young learner.

Post Author: Michael Jacob