Tutor – Does The money talk or it works?

Are you having a hard time in school? You try to study as much as you can but it’s not working, well the best thing you can do is find a tutor. They will get you all the necessary help you need, provide extra work, and teach you the subjects you have a hard time with and put it in a way that is easier for you to understand. But the thing is that this will cost you money, tutoring sessions are extras, more than just school, you’ll be doing it on your free time and the tutor’s free time, plus it is their job, so you have to pay them.

How much do they charge?

The prices will depend on a number of factors, like the location, the experience and the qualifications. If you are doing independent studies you will have, with an independent tutor you will have to pay around $30-$90, and in mass groups it will be around $50-$70 per hour, which is way too much since you won’t be getting any attention, and it is just too much people. But at Learnmate it will only cost around $30-$55 per hour, it’s a fair price, you get handpicked tutors, weekly study tips and so much more.

How to pay?

The payment methods are very simple, if you’re a new student you can directly pay after the lesson is over. When you enter in your debit or credit card information you it will be charged directly to that after the session is over. They accept Visa, Master and AMEX cards, so you always have your options open. You can pay online and loose the hassle of forgetting to pay on time.

Everything to know about the payment system.

As you know when you find a tutor you have to pay them, this can be done online, but there is so much to know about the costs, if you are not doing automatic payments you may have late payments, and have not paid it within five days of the due date you will have to pay a $4 fee for each day until it paid. Also the cost will change depending on the hour, if extra hours are done the cost will increase. You should also know that the tutors travelling and other expenses are also incorporated into the cost. And so is a commission. And this is basically it, you won’t have to worry about enrollment fees or anything.

Post Author: Michael Jacob