The Importance of Early Learning for your Child

Aside from a few social outings, kindergarten school is typically a child’s first real opportunity to explore the outside world, and your choice of an early learning program is therefore critical. These next 3-4 years will shape your child in many ways, and their introduction to the world will begin with kindergarten, where they will develop their creativity, imagination and learn essential social skills. When a child leaves the security of their mother for the first time, they are very impressionable and will begin to form habits, so the right environment is crucial.

Social Skills Development

This is a major area for development, to enable the child to interact in society according to a set of rules, and if the kindergarten in Bangkok understands this, they will encourage the right social behaviours, while modelling it also. Children should be taught that all people are equal and are to be treated with kindness and compassion, as well as being polite and well-balanced.

Developing Creativity & Imagination

It is at a very young age that children should be developing creativity and imagination, and a good kindergarten would engage the children in storytelling, while encouraging them to use their imagination with art and other forms. Drawing and painting are great tools for developing imagination and creativity, as are building with blocks and other natural materials, and the teachers are always looking for opportunities to introduce creative thought into any activity.

Nurturing a Love of Nature

This is something that every early learning program should focus on, so we have a new generation that understands the need to protect the environment. Most kindergartens have a small garden where the children can grow vegetables and learn how things grow, and nature would often be a theme for learning.

Professional Staff

It is important that the teachers fully understand how young minds learn, and they would plan activities that incorporate the learning goals, with weekly lesson plans that are carefully designed to stimulate young minds. Examples of themes would be, nature; animals, birds and reptiles, seasons of the year and countries of the world, with any one theme being used for one week.

Choosing a Kindergarten Program

This can seem like a real challenge as all schools seem very alike, yet they are different in their approach to learning, so it is important to find a school that adopts all of the above into their curriculum. When you visit a school’s website, take a look at their vision & mission statement, which would outline their learning objectives and explain their core beliefs. If you get a good feeling for their website, the next step is to book a tour of the school, when you can observe the kids engaging in activities and speak with the principal about their policies.

Kindergarten is very important as it prepares a child for 12 years of formal education, so choose wisely and your child will have a solid foundation on which to build.

Post Author: Michael Jacob