Fun Ways for Kids to Get Fit

Exercise is just as important for kids as for adults, so you need to encourage your children to get fit and keep moving. If possible, they need a couple of hours exercise each day, some of which they get from schools, but out of school it’s up to parents and guardians to get them moving. Kids will often complain when made to exercise, but there are fun ways to get them moving that they’ll love.

Team sports make things more fun

Playing sports is about much more than just getting fit. If your child chooses a team sport, they’ll learn skills such as:

  • Social skills
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Hard work

Best of all, playing as a team can be a lot more fun for them. It means that they don’t clock watch or get bored, as they’re so busy playing with their teammates and can simply focus on the activity at hand.

Pick activities that teach them a skill too

Sports aren’t just about kicking a ball around. Some of them teach valuable life skills too. For example, taking your child to lessons in martial arts in Reading gives them a way to defend themselves, should they ever be in a bad situation. It can teach them all sorts of useful skills about how to avoid conflict and be more disciplined, all while getting them moving and having fun.

Make use of local parks

Getting fit isn’t always about organised sports and activities. Sometimes, it’s outdoor, unstructured exercise that’s best for kids. If you’re stuck for ideas, take your kids to a local park and let them run around. Don’t worry, there’s no such thing as weather that’s too bad for outdoor play. Your child simply needs to be wearing waterproof clothing that’s suitable and protects them from the element. Plus, don’t forget some suitable shoes.

While children are full of energy, they aren’t always keen on the activities that keep them fit and healthy. They may resist your efforts to help them get fit, but don’t be discouraged. Keep giving them options and let them see that activities are good for them. If they don’t enjoy one sport, for example, there’s no reason they can’t be encouraged to do something else. Kids often take some time to learn new skills and adjust, but if you get them into good habits now, you’ll find they are much happier in the long term.

Post Author: Michael Jacob